Jon Hoeksma interviewed us about NHSbuntu for Digital Health.

In the wake of Friday’s international cyber attacks, which caused widespread disruption across NHS organisations, a small team of developers is recommending the health service reduce its reliance on Microsoft.

The NHS almost exclusively uses Microsoft operating systems, some of which – like Windows XP – are no longer officially supported.

To demonstrate that there is a licence-free alternative, GP Marcus Baw and technologist Rob Dyke have adapted the open source Linux-based Ubuntu operating system specifically for the NHS. They call it NHSbuntu.

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Photograph of Rob Dyke

Rob is a veteran practitioner of open sourcery in NHS-land. He's developed innovative products, successfuly navigated procurements, formed (unlikely) alliances, written award bids winning £ms for NHS orgs from tech/nursing/challenge funds, and survived the benign and benevolent effects of support from 'the centre'. Just.