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The Team

  • Photograph of Marcus Baw
    Marcus Baw
    BDFL and Clinical Adviser

    Marcus is a self-described 'General Hacktitioner' GP, Emergency Physician, specialist in clinical IT, and a programmer of an increasing range of languages that he barely understands. He founded Open Health Hub with Rob Dyke and Ewan Davis back in 2012, and since then has been trying to create positive change in NHS IT.

  • Photograph of Rob Dyke
    Rob Dyke
    All The Tech

    Rob is a veteran practitioner of open sourcery in NHS-land. He's developed innovative products, successfuly navigated procurements, formed (unlikely) alliances, written award bids winning £ms for NHS orgs from tech/nursing/challenge funds, and survived the benign and benevolent effects of support from 'the centre'. Just.

  • Photograph of Brett Jackson
    Brett Jackson
    Smartcard Guy

    Brett's passion is solving big scary problems. He is most at home working on the moonshot projects leading or delivering transformational change to organisations and users. He has an extensive background in delivery of large scale critical services but remains a techie at heart. Knows a bit too much about riding bikes irresponsibly.

  • Photograph of Kenny (Gary) Kennington
    Kenny (Gary) Kennington
    NHS Needs and Requirements

    Kenny has been working in Health Tech since 1999 with a focus on Primary Care. He is passionate about delivering technology that benefits front line practitioners. He worked closely with Microsoft during the NHS EWA years and was involved in the BCS Primary Healthcare Specialist Group. Today his focus is on CyberSecurity and educating front line users of health tech.

  • Photograph of Paolo Vecchi
    Paolo Vecchi
    Chief Italian Officer

    Paolo has no experience with NHS technology and doesn't even know who his GP is but he knows a lot about Open Source and good food which is what really matters.

  • Photograph of Tony Yates
    Tony Yates
    Strategy and Tactical

    Tony has been leading major transformation programmes in the NHS for many years. Highlights include leading the design and implementation of NHS 111 interoperability to out of hours and 999 services nation wide. More recently he has been focusing on digital services with the NHS including NHS Digital Triage and NHS.UK transformation. Tony is a strategic thinker with real hands on technical ability.